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Please let us delete the things we can create.

All of them, if we can create something, why can't we delete them. Planner for example, we can create tasks, and buckets but we cannot delete either. I have a system where we keep track of machined parts. Each part is unique with unique machining processes. I create a bucket for each part using flow. I assign tasks to each part using flow. When the job is finished I have hundreds of buckets to manually delete!!!!

The buckets are supposed to help me organize my tasks, why can't I delete the bucket when the machined part is flagged as shipped?

Please stop protecting us from ourselves. How can I automatically delete a bucket or task when I want to?


From the online help "After adding tasks, you can sort them into buckets to help break things up into phases, types of work, departments, or whatever makes the most sense for your plan." Separating tasks on a part by part (project by project) basis makes sense to me. Automating the creation of the buckets and tasks made sense to me. Not being able to programmatically delete the tasks or buckets makes absolutely no sense to me.

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Yes! I can create buckets in a Flow, but not delete them. Or for that matter archive them. If organising Planner by buckets the UI becomes difficult to navigate with many buckets. 

I'd also like to ensure new buckets are added at the left, where they can be seen and interacted with, rather than on the right beyond all the completed buckets that require manual deletion.

I look forward to these basic pieces of functionality becoming available. Then hopefully access to all Planner fields (such as labels).

Thanks for reading!