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Please make "For a selected item" work with more than 1 item selected

It says "For a selected item", not items, so it works as designed I guess 🙂 Thus if you select several items in a Sharepoint List, the flow option disappears.


We have a flow where a payroll user updates list items without opening them, processing multiple vacation requests at a time. Now it's kind of time consuming as it has to be done per each item.


Wouldn't it be great if it worked with several items selected? The logic should be the same as "For each/Apply to each selected". 



Much appreciated!

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Kudo Collector

I voted as I need this too,


It is the same request as I had in:


the answer was they already have the abillity but didnt enable it...

than marked it as completed, go figure 😞


the partial solution is to create an shp button via SHP collumn formating (there is a blog at the end of the discussion), yes I know It is not what you (or I) want but...


Still would be nice to have this, would allow for many other use cases.


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I need this too.  I want to generate an email from a list of contacts but not the entire list.  I want to select the recipients each time I send an email based on a category or jsut simply when a name(s) is selected from the list.

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We need this, too. How do we find out if and when they are going to enable it?



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The same functionality as the recently added out-of-the-box set a reminder flow. You can select one, a few or the whole list and run it. 

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The ability to "manually start" a flow on multiple selected items would also be fantastic

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We need this too. 

Such a basic need.

MS : Please get this Idea in action fast. It is causing us more work to do every day not less.

Flow is meant to save us work!