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Populating PowerPoint Presentation

It would probably be incredibly helpful (and easy) for Microsoft to create a connector for PowerPoint so that we can populate a presentation based on certain criteria, either triggered by a Form, or an approved Sharepoint List.


I was wondering why these haven't come out since i know small startups that already have them, so i wondered if MSFT has other companies that already do this and would canibalize their business. 


I'll sign with my usual, FLOW IS AMAZING!

Status: New
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Similar to the 'Populate a Microsoft Word template' action, I'd like to populate text box controls in a PowerPoint presentation with content collected from a Microsoft Forms response and then save the presentation (or single slide) as a jpg.

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This idea came up at Ignite the Tour London. 

As for an unconference session the presenters were taking questions via a form link, but were having to copy paste the questions from forms into a powerpoint presentation. 


Would be awesome to be able to upload a powerpoint template, identitfy the slides or objects and post the data to each one