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Populating PowerPoint Presentation

It would probably be incredibly helpful (and easy) for Microsoft to create a connector for PowerPoint so that we can populate a presentation based on certain criteria, either triggered by a Form, or an approved Sharepoint List.


I was wondering why these haven't come out since i know small startups that already have them, so i wondered if MSFT has other companies that already do this and would canibalize their business. 


I'll sign with my usual, FLOW IS AMAZING!

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Similar to the 'Populate a Microsoft Word template' action, I'd like to populate text box controls in a PowerPoint presentation with content collected from a Microsoft Forms response and then save the presentation (or single slide) as a jpg.

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This idea came up at Ignite the Tour London. 

As for an unconference session the presenters were taking questions via a form link, but were having to copy paste the questions from forms into a powerpoint presentation. 


Would be awesome to be able to upload a powerpoint template, identitfy the slides or objects and post the data to each one

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Hello @Guillermo360i 


Plumsail Documents enable you to populate PowerPoint templates from any third-party systems in Power Automate Flow. You can trigger the Flow, for instance, by Web form submission, then use its data to populate your presentation.


Review this example of how to create and configure the process of generating presentations from PPTX templates. You can start this process from the Flow with the action Start document generation process. 


Or you can use another action from the Plumsail Documents connector for Power Automate to reach your goal - Create PPTX document from template.


Note: This is a paid solution.

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How is this still an idea with no progress 3 years later?