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Possibility to make Output in "For a selected Item" Trigger optional



right now if I have an Output for the selected item trigger the Output is always mandatory by default.

It would be great if i could turn that of and make some as optional fields. 

Status: New
Advocate III

Love this. It would save me the time of training users to enter 'x' in blank fields, then writing rules to exclude them.

Advocate III

@JoshMohrJust an can actually accomplish this, just not thru the Flow editor. It would be a  lot easier thru the editor, but you can make output fields non-required with the following steps:


  • Export your Flow
  • Edit the 'Definition.json' in the export package to remove the output fields you don't need from the "required" property of the 'For a selected item' trigger 
  • Re-import the Flow package

This makes the fields optional when the end user triggers the Flow.


Just be aware that the 'For a selected item' trigger will not pass any fields that were left blank into the Flow. So, your Flow needs to check for the presence of a field in the trigger output before attempting to manipulate the field contents.

Advocate I

@StevenWade Thank you! Didn't know that. I will look into this. But of course it would be cool if you could edit this in the Trigger itself.