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Post Message to a "Private" Channel as flow bot

Would like to be able to send a flow bot message to a private channel.

Status: New
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I would love to see this feature added - it would enable an awesome approvals experience!


Approvals are a top use case for automate and Adaptive Cards. We could leverage private teams to optimize managing dynamic approval workflows and members.


E.g. when approval is required post an adaptive card to a private channel for the appropriate approver group.  Only those who should reply see the card. And when approvers change we won't require dev/admin effort. The approvers are just removed or added to the channel as needed. A channel could be reused for multiple solutions within a department. A key benefit over email - newly added approvers would see the history of approvals and catch approvals which had not been responded to by their predecessor.


@Msftany chance this could be added to 2020 roadmap? 🙂 




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We need this for approval process too.

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This is a really important add on - The idea of posting an approval card or even just a reminder message to a more defined group of people in a private channel is incredibly important for a problem free process flow - if anyone in that group can approve and everyone can see what has been approved vs not approved, there will be less chance of delay and more transparency by using a private channel. 

Helper III

Not sure why this was not implemented on day one.

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Any news on this? I also don't understand why this is not possible and hasn't been implemented with the private channels roll out. Makes no sense.

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We absolutely need this feature. 

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Was our workaround, where we used the send email in powerautomate, and the email from the private channel in teams.

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any update?! 
I'm still waiting for this feature!!

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Any update?

I still waiting for this feature! 

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pretty much useful addition, cant wait to see it live