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Post Message to a "Private" Channel as flow bot

Would like to be able to send a flow bot message to a private channel.

Status: New
New Member

I'm very interested for this functionnality !

New Member

Need this for mentions and approval flows within my organization!

New Member

We need this for approval process too.

New Member

Would be nice to have these functionality. Not to disturb team members while developing the functionality when you do not have permissions to create your own Team 🙂

Helper I

Was hoping this would have been possible as soon as private channels came into existence. Please remedy to allow this.


Looks you receive a 403 and some odd error text when you do test this. Would be great if the error was more actionable, like "this is not supported with a private channel". thx. 

Frequent Visitor

I even tried adding a flow tab to the channel with no luck. I'm trying to post an Adaptive Card for dispatch notices in a supervisor channel of different departments.

Kudo Commander

Definitely good use cases thinkable for Adaptive Cards by Flow Bot in Private Channels

Not applicable

Is flow bot in a private teams channel working yet ?

Regular Visitor

It would be very helpful in my school class - how to OK the Flow Bot as a private channel user? You would think that the Flow Bot could roam free!