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Post a adaptive card to Microsoft Teams

I want to post a adaptive card to Microsoft Teams, for easy / quick action on Teams channel by members.


My scenario:

To get response by channel members, I post a adaptive card for response to Teams channel by Microsoft Flow.


Adaptive card is nice, Microsoft Graph is also nice.


Status: New
Advocate I

They enabled it, but it's broken. So there's that...

Advocate IV

I'm looking to use this same feature to take action on company Purchase Requests. We're trying to get away from emails as we often get flooded with emails and these important communications can get lost in the pile.


I see that the 'Action' exists in Flow but it doesn't like any form of Adaptive Card json I enter even when its cut and paste from 


I'd also like to see the Adaptive Card platform with an action type of HTTP (post/get) to push info from Inputs to an HTTP triggered flow.