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Post a reply to a message as flow bot

Can we have the option to post a reply to a message as flow bot

I have set automate to reply a reminder so it will bump to the front again at set time

But I do not want it to always show me as the person replying to it as it is supposed to be a team automated announcement 

and is a work around for not able to pin messenger on top of the channel.


p.s. I don't want people to hate me because I am annoying them with repeatedly reposting the msg 😛

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Same request!

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I want this as well, but not for moving a post reminder to the top.
I use the bot to post the current status of a flow, and what stage in the workflow a project is at, by updating the initial post with a reply. There are many reasons why we may need the bot to reply, and this is one.

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I make threads for New SharePoint files and bump them with a reply when they are modified. I wouldn't mind if it did not use my face but use the Flow Bot instead.

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This would be useful. The functionality to post a new conversation as the flow bot is present, so why not a reply to a message? Otherwise, the reply can appear as if it is coming from the user who created the flow, which can be misleading.