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Post on Yammer with image attachments

After posting my question "How to add my latest Twitter post to Yammer including the attached images?", it seems Flow's Yammer action "Post message" doesn't have the possibility to add attachements to a Yammer post using Flow. Please add support for posting Yammer messages including (image) attachments.

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PLease make this work....ASAP...can't be that hard

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fully supportive to add this feature.


Today I am using a sharepoint list and a picture posted into a sharepoint library.

Posting it to Yammer would encourage people to comment and build on the post .... 

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COME ON MICROSOFT THIS TOPIC IS ON THE BOARD FOR ALMOST A YEAR AND A HALF...HOW HARD CAN IT there somewhere we can see what you are working on.....because i really need this one fixed

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Why can't i find this post in thetop has 27 votes but it is not in the list.. how is this possible

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I would very much like to make use of this!
yammer looks far richer with photos and it would be great if I could link thoughts who are already working on Twitter or Instagram into yammer without them doing anything more!
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Using email as workaround is indeed creative - thanks for tip Arno.

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Seems like a clever workaround @Arno. Thanks.

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Can we see this feature added to the Teams connector, too? 🙂

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another +1 for this. I was wanting to embed an instagram pic or a sharepoint image..