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Post on Yammer with image attachments

After posting my question "How to add my latest Twitter post to Yammer including the attached images?", it seems Flow's Yammer action "Post message" doesn't have the possibility to add attachements to a Yammer post using Flow. Please add support for posting Yammer messages including (image) attachments.

Status: New
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 Also support images/media in rss to yammer

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Yes. It is really limiting to not be able to pass images through Flow into Yammer!! PLEASE IMPLEMENT!

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Trying to do this from SharePoint attachments to Yammer. Please implement

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Any news from some community manager here ? It would really be needed to create nice MS flow with yammer

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Currently, I have a flow set up that pulls my Instagram posts and posts them on Yammer.  However, because the link doesn't update with a preview, only the text from the instagram post and the URL show and I have to manually edit each post by adding a removing and space after the instagram URL to get the preview to show.  Additionally, this fix only worked on a mobile device - it not longer works after recent updates to the app.  Please add the functionality for the Flow to populate the URL's preview in Yammer so that the actual media preview will show instead of just the URL and Text

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When is this going to be addressed? The current flow capabilities for Yammer are way too limited!!!