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Power Automate Approval Push Notification Improvements

My company is looking to user Power Automate to handle an existing approval process. 


In the flow I've built we use a custom email with company branding and formatting to send the approval request and responses. 


However we'd like to use the Push Notifications feature of the Power Automate App. Unfortunately with this enabled this leads to too many notifications for the users who are assigned the approval. 

  • x2 Email Notifications (Our Custom one and the MS Power Automate Notification)
  • x1 App Notification
  • x1 MS Teams Notification.

Ideally I'd like better control over which notifications are sent vs an all or nothing approach that is currently present otherwise this is going to create frustrations for the end users. 

  • Enable Email Notifications
  • Enable App Notifications
  • Enable Teams Notifications
Status: New