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Power Automate Flow - Apply_to_each - Show the current iteration number while running

Please consider periodically showing the current iteration number while running a look (e.g. Apply_to_each) in Power Automate Flow. It would be sufficient to periodically update it. Not necessary that it gets updated with each and every iteration. Just as an indication of the progress. Alternatively, could show percentage of records complete, but either the current iteration number of the percentage of iterations complete would be very useful.


I have some long running Flows processing many data records. Unfortunately, I have no clue about the loop progress and thus cannot estimate how long it is going to take.


If some iterations fail, I can roughly track the progress by clicking on "Next failed" (I actually type the last record number and click on Previous failed to see the last failed iteration). On the other hand, when iterations succeed, I have no clues.

Status: New