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Power Automate (Flow) Skype for Business & Teams user status change should be a trigger

Knowing if a user is online, active, in a meeting, or any of the other Skype/Teams statuses could be of use when building flows, but it would also be useful to be able to initiate actions based on status changes. For example, I would like to be able to trigger recording of status for me and my team members throughout the day to better understand our distractions and availability. I would also like to be able to trigger things based on my Skype status changes so that when I actually join a meeting (status goes to in a meeting and shows as connected to a skype meeting/call) I could launch OneNote or other applications I commonly use during meetings. I don't want to trigger based on my calendar because I don't attend every meeting on my calendar, and will also end up double booked with some regularity and don't need multiple instances of things launching.

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This is an awesome idea @moehlerk !

In our environment, we have hundreds of Service Desk agents using both Genesys telephony platform and Teams for outbound calls. However if they are on the outbound call in Teams, without changing their availability status in Genesys, Genesys still thinks they are available and therefore can assign them an incoming call.

With the functionality you describe, we could automatically change agents status in Genesys when we detect they are on call in Teams!

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If I can have a new trigger of power automate for Teams meeting, call, and status.

so that I might be able to send "I'm in a call" message to who's trying to call me,

I can send "Now I'm available' message to who couldn't have a call with me.

And I can even log my meeting time span to my outlook calendar as a kind of timesheet task logging.