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Power Automate / Flow Version History

Please create version history capability for Power Automate. This is a much needed functionality that is present in almost all other parts of O365. The time spent in trying to either recover from a roll back to a previous version or in creating save/export backup systems of on our own is significant. Further it seems like this is something that should have been there all along, so many of our users are surprised when they find out that it isn't and frustrated when they first run into this issue and have to redo lost work and then start changing their work process to create a backup system.


Status: New
Resolver I

I cannot understand why this was not already implemented!! Please Microsoft!

Regular Visitor

Agreed! Please add this much needed functionality in for us!

New Member

Yes, very much needed


Huge need! We want to improve our flows with confidence. Version history needed asap!

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Yup, It's good idea. 

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I have been researching Power Automate over the last few weeks and have been quite impressed with it's functionality. However, the level of sophistication and maturity for using the tool in a devops type manner leaves a lot to be desired. It seems as though it is primarily designed for non-critical flows. There is no other way to justify not having the ability to revert to a previous version, especially since sometimes changes to a Flow end up corrupting what was previously a working flow.


Come on Microsoft. You have something very powerful here, but you need to build the proper infrastructure around it so people trust using it for business critical flows.