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Power Automate / Flow Version History

Please create version history capability for Power Automate. This is a much needed functionality that is present in almost all other parts of O365. The time spent in trying to either recover from a roll back to a previous version or in creating save/export backup systems of on our own is significant. Further it seems like this is something that should have been there all along, so many of our users are surprised when they find out that it isn't and frustrated when they first run into this issue and have to redo lost work and then start changing their work process to create a backup system.


Status: New
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If nothing else, please make it so you can roll back to a version from the run history.

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I agree with this need. At the very least, some kind of Check in and Check out functionality to help with unwanted Solution changes. It feels like the Wild West for teams trying to collaborate on a project. Sure we can roll-our-own version control, but it would only be a good comment associated with a zip file as the files break down into proprietary metadata. So there's not much room for file-diffs, rollbacks, git-blame equivalent, etc.

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I totally agree, it is so easy to break a flow when changing it, or even accidentally save an old version of the flow from another open tab, and there is no way back.

The lack of version history holds back a hugely powerful product.

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How on earth is this still a problem? MICROSOFT WHY HAVE YOU NOT ADDRESSED THIS YET?!