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Power Automate Flow session timeout


There is a Idle sessions timeout policy can be configured to force interactive user session to re-logon once it is idled for certain period. This makes perfect sense from a security control perspective. However, this policy will also impact background system process like Power Automate Flow, which in most cases are set to run in the background to direct workflow and triggers automated actions to be performed at stages. Although there is no user session involved at all and the fact that the actions triggered by Flow does not renew the idle count, the connection used by the Flow will also be expired by the policy. Administrator needs to keep re-activiting the connection manually whenever it is disconnected in order to resume the workflow and it becomes a showstopper of any Flow implementations that do not have an Administrator in play.



Having service accounts with categories [User, Flow, etc.] for which such policy would not apply the session idle configuration for Power Automate Flow


Kindly consider!

Status: New