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Power Automate Flows Owned By & Live In SharePoint

I know there is already a way for users to "set" SharePoint list or library as the "Owner" of Flows, but apparently after consulting with a MS representative, this only works for some triggers, mostly the manual type triggers, this does not work for automatic triggers like "When an Item is Created". As an IT consultant (contractor) working for an organization, it would be great if we had the ability to make SharePoint the Owner of any/all Flows that we create so that the Flow would "Live" in SharePoint and our customers are at least able to see and be aware that there are Flows associated to and running on their SharePoint site. There needs to be a way to at least "share" the personal Flows (which I also hate that Flows are personal and are connected/owned to the Flow author, but that is another topic), not with other users/groups, but with SharePoint so that others can see what has been developed on their sites. If Flows don't "live" in SharePoint, then it is nearly impossible to troubleshoot issues on my "personal" Flows, because there is nothing stopping other individual users from creating their own personal Flows on that same list (other than permissions, but that isn't always an option since users may require "Edit" permissions to the list) and then if their Flows run and perhaps updates the item before my Flows run and completes my logic, then my Flows will fail and I will have no idea why or how to fix this. Basically there needs to be a way to create SharePoint workflows (Flows) that live on the SharePoint list or site itself, similar to how Nintex Workflows work and are published. Then any other users/developers that come in and need to pick up that solution, modify it or update it or even rebuild it for the customer would at least know what was there and have a place to start. As contract developers, we shouldn't "Owner" any of our work/solutions but it is not possible for us to share everything with another specific user or group. Please make it to where Flows can be associated and owned by SharePoint itself. 

Status: New