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Power Automate Set field in an item for SharePoint

Is there ever going to be the ability to just "set" a single field in an item for a list/library in SharePoint? This was such a useful feature that SharePoint Designer had for building mini systems on lists in SharePoint. The update item feature is just so cumbersome, especially if you have a large list with many required fields. The biggest issue is if you have (for example), two Power Automate flows and you need to "update" a field to create a back and forth of emails it just creates an infinite loop. The trigger features you can set are not very useful and in most cases I've tried, don't even work. 


Short story: Will there ever be the ability to "set field in current item" like we had in SPD that doesn't activate the other workflows in the list like Power Automate currently does with the update item.

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Any updates here?