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Power Automate approval system for Azure Logic Apps



I have a questions/feature request regarding the new licensing model "per Flow" of Power Automate and a missing feature in Azure Logic Apps.


In professional flow implementation we often have to use http-actions or -triggers (premium) and therefore we definitely need in the most cases a premium license (per user or per flow).


A lot of our customers are having around 200-300 employees and therefore only the "per-flow" license is a suitable option.


In case of a workflow that gets rarely executed, the price difference between Azure Logic Apps and Power Automate is enormous - e.g. Flow in Azure Logic Apps (around 100€ per year) vs Power Automate per Flow License (more 5000€ per year / because of the high cost entry barrier). Therefore, a lot of our customers would prefer Azure Logic Apps over Power Automate.


This is only possible if they don't need the powerful approval system of Power Automate. Currently, it seems that approvals are not available for Azure Logic Apps.


Feature Request - Could you please make the approval system of Power Automate available for Azure Logic Apps in a timely manner


Thx in advance!


Best regards,



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