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Power Automate new pricing - entry hurdle "per Flow" license too high


I have a question/feature request regarding the new licensing model "per Flow" of Power Automate.


In professional flow implementation we often have to use http-actions or -triggers (premium) and therefore we definitely need in the most cases a premium license (per user or per flow).


A lot of our customers are having around 200-300 employees and therefore only the "per-flow" license is a suitable option.

However, our customers would like to start with a single use case/workflow in order to get in touch with Power Automate & validate the functionality of the plattform. The problem is that the first purchase of the "per-flow" license requires to buy 5 flows for around 421€ per month -> this entry hurdle of more than 5000€ only for licensing costs discourage many customers (and especially SMB).


Request  - Could you please lower entry-level license for the Power Automate “per flow” variant 

(I'm quite sure that are customers are willing to increase the purchased number of "per-flow"-licenses if it goes hand in hand with new use cases in the company / but buying 5 und just using 1 ... ) 


Thx in advance!


Best regards,


Status: New