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Power Automate to support more Math Functions

At current Power Automate only supports the simplest of Math functions:

Min, max, rand, add, sub, mul, div, mod, range


Unlike, Power Apps which supports a host more of math functions such as:

Log, Power, Sin Tan, Pi ect...


At current the solution means I have to create a custom connector or an azure function to complete calculations that require the Math functions that Flow doesn't support.


It would be useful to have parity between the two products as this is a limitation of being able to go down the modal driven route and not canvas route.

Status: New
Advocate IV

I'd also much appreciate the ability to perform calculations using standard infix notation (like we all learnt in school).   I'm somewhat bored of having to remember to use add() sub(), and friends, not to mention the horrors of nesting and(), or(), as well as eq() and its friends and relations.