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Power BI Refresh Connectors JSON body

Using the preview versions of the Refresh Dataset action will send a request to power bi and refresh the dataset, but there isn't much a JSON body that is returned to the user after that process occurs.  It would be great to have a lot more metadata come out into that body so it can be used elsewhere.  Things like the refresh status after submission, duration of refresh, date/time of completion, etc. would be great so something can be done after that Refresh Dataset is completed, such as log the result into a list or into SQL so we can have logs in 1 place versus visiting many power bi dashboards and workspaces to find out that data manually. 


It would also help to increase the scope of usable data that is coming out of power bi itself but it seems like it might not work out since flows only run within a short time period and it would be a heavy load to wait for a big dataset to refresh, then ping the service back since sometimes it may take a very long time

Status: New

Happy to talk about this offline as well, I know a lot of users that would find this very useful internally