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Power Platform Build Tools: Flows Disconnected in Target Post Deployment

When using the Power Platform Build Tools in Azure DevOps to deploy a solution to our other environments all the flows are disconnected and turned off.


Post deployment, we have to manually go to the flows, reconnect, and turn them back on.


This is a known issue and noted in the Microsoft Doc here:

Solutions in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

  • The app and flow will not currently be connected in the target environment after deployment. First associate valid connections with the flow and activate the flow. Then edit the app and re-associate the flow to the button.

I opened a case with Microsoft and they said, "Presently there is no timeline when this issue would be addressed".


Please fix this as having to back in and manually reconnect and turn on flows goes against the reason to use Azure DevOps for ALLM and CI/CD. As we cannot truly automate our Power Platform deployments.

Status: New