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Power automate to alert when user hits api limit

I recently made a high usage flow that essentially stopped working as it hit the 2000 API limits per day which is the current limit for Power Automate Office 365 licenses. I was able to resolve by moving to Logic apps but the key problem is that I didn't know my flow had hit these limits until my end users complained. It would be great if Power Automate can send the flow owner an email when their flow is hitting the api limits (consistently) and is getting throttled. You could also improve the analytics section to demarcate requests which are over the limit.

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Hello @Max uob


 Usage reports and monitoring capabilities are expected by October 2020 in the Power Platform admin center and will be the best way to monitor/analyze usage for API requests. This reporting will account for interactive and non-interactive traffic, and will also de-duplicate calls between Power Apps and Power Automate to the Common Data Service.