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PowerApps Dynamic Connection to SharePoint

Ability to connect to a certain list and a certain Sharepoint site comunicated by PowerApps.



List of Sharepoitns sites --> The user selects a site --> PowerApps connects to a certain list in this site.

(Instead of defining the connection inside the PowerApp as a default Data Source)

Status: New
Advocate IV

This would be useful for more than just SharePoint and for Power Automate as well.


I've got a process, I'm migrating to Power Automate, that connects to multiple SFTP servers, as a looped process. Rather than having the SFTP servers configured as multiple connectors for the flow (thus requiring the flow to be modified if SFTP servers are added/removed), if I could have a list of SFTP servers (and credentials - secured), that I can then iterate through, connected to each one in turn, completing the actions, then disconnect and move on to the next one.  That would be really handy.  And I'm sure there are other similar situations, where having to statically configure the connectors in advance, becomes a hindrance.


I know this goes against the Power Platform connector ethos, but there are situations where it would be very useful.


Regular Visitor

This is a necessary connection type if PowerApps is to used more universally in Teams.


I am currently preparing a PowerApp that will reside inside Teams.  I am using the Teams connector to get the current Team Name and ID.  Armed with this information and using Power Automate, I have the ability to create project specific Sharepoint Lists on the fly and as needed only.  I cannot however read these lists from the App directly unless the powerApp is edited to add the Sharepoint List connector. This forces either long string manipulations, JSON evaluations, Collections generation or other gyration to get at the data needed.


Seems like a major oversight to me especially if direct access to PowerApps from Teams is a thing.