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PowerApps integration - Remove/Rename parameters

When you use PowerApps to trigger a flow, once you select "Ask in PowerApps" in an action, it creates a parameter.  In the "Run" function in PowerApps, you then have to specify the values of those parameters.


Trouble is, when you're refactoring both the Flow and the PowerApp, there's no way to either rename or remove the parameters.  For instance, if you delete an action that previously used a "As in PowerApps" value (which creates a parameter), the parameter still exists!


Could we place have a way of maintaining the list of parameters?


This has been posted as a bug previously by @Thomas


Also, it has been posted as an idea to in PowerApps Ideas by @JanSomers91.  Please also vote for that idea if you vote for this idea!




Status: Planned

We plan on letting you configure parameters for PowerApps flows just like you can for Flow mobile buttons.

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Please, this issue is really cumbersome and affects a LOT the user experience... Any updates?

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It has been 1 and half year, not a single update for such a basic feature. Microsoft must got the worst UX team. 

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@fxavier I agree with you and "worst" is a nice formulated synonym for what this "developer" team seems to be. User experience happen but not in the way it should

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I'm planning on retiring. Looking forward to that too!!


I'll probably get there before this gets fixed. 🙂 A few more years.

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New month, the same silence.

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I don't get it. This is used EVERY SINGLE DAY and still nothing gets done about it.

A simple way would be that it you select "Add a dynamic value", there would be a (-) beside the (i) that would simply delete it from the list. HOW HARD CAN THAT BE??? 


It's not ideal, but you can create several "Initialize Variable" actions right after the initial Power Apps trigger and then set the value of each of those variables to "Ask in PowerApps". Then, if you need to remove or rename them, you can do so at will. BUT, in order for everything to get updated in both PowerAutomate AND PowerApps, you need to delete the initial PowerApps trigger at the very top of your PowerAutomate Flow and then re-add it back -again, very annoying and it shouldn't have to be this way but... You can then click on the ellipses and select "Peek Code" to make sure that all of the variables that you want are in place. Don't forget to go into each of the variables you set and reselect "Ask from PowerApps" for the value so it repopulates everything correctly before you re-add the PowerApps trigger.


Then you can go back into PowerApps and remove/re-add the connection to your PowerAutomate Flow and that should clean everything up for you. Again, very annoying but it will fix the problem. 


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SO this was back in 2018. It is now 2020 and i still can't remove these Parameters from my powerapp request. I have to recreate the entire flow CAREFULLY not to request a parameter with the wrong name or an extra one. 



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I would suggest you let us define all parameters in the PowerApps trigger.

This makes the most sense, at least to me, as it is input to the flow. No difference to the manual Power Automate triggers from SharePoint with inputs etc.

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It would be helpful if PowerAutomate was a mature tool that had basic functionality in light of suddenly discontinuing SharePoint 2010 workflows. Come on, Microsoft - you're making other solutions look better by the day!