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PowerApps integration - Remove/Rename parameters

When you use PowerApps to trigger a flow, once you select "Ask in PowerApps" in an action, it creates a parameter.  In the "Run" function in PowerApps, you then have to specify the values of those parameters.


Trouble is, when you're refactoring both the Flow and the PowerApp, there's no way to either rename or remove the parameters.  For instance, if you delete an action that previously used a "As in PowerApps" value (which creates a parameter), the parameter still exists!


Could we place have a way of maintaining the list of parameters?


This has been posted as a bug previously by @Thomas


Also, it has been posted as an idea to in PowerApps Ideas by @JanSomers91.  Please also vote for that idea if you vote for this idea!




Status: Planned

We plan on letting you configure parameters for PowerApps flows just like you can for Flow mobile buttons.

Level: Powered On

As BenTheSmaller said: "This is still an issue. Waste of time to have to remove/recreate just to get rid of unwanted parameters."  PLEASE FIX THIS SOON !!!

Level: Powered On

Please any update or expected time for this issue

Level: Powered On

Just to let everyone know, you can download the flow, unzip the package, remove parameters from the JSON file, rezip, and then reimport.

Regardless this should be possible to do through the UI.