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PowerAutomate the creation of new Document Sets in Sharepoint Online triggered from PowerApps

I have a CRM app that currently is only allowing the user to view customer demographics and some other data. The problem is that I can't allow a user to add a new company to the SQL database because of a business rule we have in place. Currently when a new company needs to be added to the database, the user opens an Infopath form and creates the new company, as soon as the company is created with its own ID, the ID and Company name are copied and then the user navigates to SPO and to the correct location to create a new Document Set for that new Company and the ID and Company name are pasted as the name of the Document set and some of the metadata. Any and all files created and emails sent to that specific company are then stored in the document set for the respective company. I've been searching and have asked others in the PowerApps forum if there was a way to have Flow/PowerAutomate create the Document Set on the trigger of a submit button for a new form from PowerApps. I was encouraged to ask that this function be added to PowerAutomate.

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We need a similar thing.


We have a SQL file with customer info and contact times, methods, etc, this is created when a customer contacts us. After this, a sharepoint document set is made with all the same info in the metadata.


Is there a way to automate this?

Basically it needs to be set up so when a new inquiry is added to the SQL file a sharepoint document set is created.