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PowerShell script as an intermmediate step

I'd like to be able to send the output of one step into a PowerShell script and make the returned object (and its key/value pairs) available to the next step.


Such power!

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Having the ability to call a powershell script as an action and being able to feed its output back into the flow would be amazing. You could complete so much outside of flow that would not need to have other custom apps created for them.
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I'd like to run powershell script through the gateway and be able to get the script output 

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Hi Serge, this is nice but was hopping a more generic way (ie : no need to create a file watcher on each host where you want to run the script) 😉


By design we need to install the the Data Managemet gateway on each host, anyway 🙂 

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I need to trigger a process that reads and imports data from excel to Sql Server when a file is updated.  Can this be managed with MS Flow?


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It will great if there was an ability to execute power shell script.

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it will great, as i need to run powershell command periodically to get details about office365 usage and run flow based on result, it would be great to full automate the process.
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yeah, I want to be able to set up new Surface Hub accoutns this way:

User submits a form with the pertinent details, those details go to a SharePoint list, details from that list gets exported to a a script. Script gets executed: BOOM Surface Hub account created.

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There is a way to do this but it requires some automation features in Azure - there is a free tier for executing upto 60 minutes of operations per month.  Create a Runbook in Azure (enter your powershell script)  call the Runbook from flow and enter any parameters.    In the example below, i have created a powerapp to enter some information which is then sent to the automation work engine step and then creates an item in sharepoint after the site is created successfully. 


2018-07-23 13_54_40.png