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Powerapps > Flow > Planner - More detailed actions


I've been working on a very large flow to assign tasks to the relevant people when a new employee is about to start working. It would be great to be able to have access to functions such as "show details on card", Label colours, etc from within flow, as it would allow for more detailed automated tasks. Also, with linking PowerApps to flow, it would be nice to be able to name the variables that you ask in powerapps, rather than getting things like "updatetaskdetails_details".

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Also, to be able to add items to the checklist within a task in planner from flow would be great

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Yes, please add an action that can update the checklist as well.

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Please, please, please add the ability to perform the following against Planner from Flow:


- Description - Show on Card

- Ability to Create a Checklist

- Checklist - Show on Card

- Apply an available Label

- Add the various Attachment types

- Ability to add Comments


Hustle that Flow!

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yes please!

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It's a checkbox!! how long could it take to include!?!?!?!   



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All of the above, like yesterday! Hire some of us real world users to come vet the dev map...

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I was thinking about this topic this morning. Upon selecting the flow to use from the actions bar, there should be an interface popup.


Interface popup includes the beginning of the formula, which is not editable


the bottom table has two rows. the first column being the input fields flow requires, neatly laid out. also,  not editable. 






the second column being editable inputs to determine which fields/functions that need to be used for the variables, such as "TextInput1.Text" or "First(Split(TextInput1.Text," "))"




Resulting interface would look something like this: 

Variable1: TextInput1.Text,

Variable2: TextInput2.Text



again, the left side variable names aren't editable, but the mapped fields on the right are editable to the appropriate powerapps field/value. This prevents us from having to make sure every variable is in the perfect order for the .Run function... This gets messy when several variable are being asked in powerapps from flow. 

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Poor Implementation, any updates planned. Roadmap?

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Show on card would be really great to have in PA!