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Prevent Flow from starting if already running

Could there be a setting to stop a Flow from running if its already running?   


Normally one of our flows only processes a few records at a time so we run it a few times an hour.  We had an instance where a vendor reset our modified time causing all data records to be reprocessed which Flow which took a few hours to process.


The problem was that while run 1 was going, run 2 started, and 3 and 4 and ....  this caused a bunch of flows to run at the same time doing a lot of unnecessary work.  Eventually they all caught up but it wasn't terribly efficent.


If this can be added, a sub setting to notify on a blocked run would be nice.  If a Flow gets blocked and stays blocked it would be good to know so we can investigate.  

Status: New
Level: Powered On

As per - you could set 'Concurrency Control' limit to on, with degree of parallelism set to 1.