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Prevent Flow from starting if already running

Could there be a setting to stop a Flow from running if its already running?   


Normally one of our flows only processes a few records at a time so we run it a few times an hour.  We had an instance where a vendor reset our modified time causing all data records to be reprocessed which Flow which took a few hours to process.


The problem was that while run 1 was going, run 2 started, and 3 and 4 and ....  this caused a bunch of flows to run at the same time doing a lot of unnecessary work.  Eventually they all caught up but it wasn't terribly efficent.


If this can be added, a sub setting to notify on a blocked run would be nice.  If a Flow gets blocked and stays blocked it would be good to know so we can investigate.  

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As per - you could set 'Concurrency Control' limit to on, with degree of parallelism set to 1.

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@RobEllis What the OP asks for is to block a run if another instance is already running and it "stays blocked". What you suggest would not solve the problem, it would make it worse. Because it will force the process to wait until the previous run has completed, which in turn will cause all runs to be queued and cost much more time.