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Pricing plans for Power Automate & Power Apps is misleading

Our MS TAM informs us the online websites for Power Automate & Power Apps are standalone plans and separate from the no-cost plan that is included in the O365 service? If this is true, the website is misleading because before the website also displayed the free no-cost plan as well.  I'm not sure if our TAM is incorrect or the website is; we are working on next year's budget and this is more confusing than it use to be.

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Advocate I

I agree, our company already purchased liquescences for PowerAutomate, PowerApps & PowerBI... so when I saw that the scheduling of a PAD process could be done within PowerAutomate with a premium connector I though I had everything needed. However, apparently there is a difference license/payment needed on the PDS side for this integration to work... so confusing. Definitely adding to the overall cost 😞