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Printing Action in Flow

It would add a tremendous value if an action is available in Microsoft Flow to send a document/file to a network or a cloud printer. 


Right now there is no, way to trigger this particular action from Flow.

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In addition to this suggestion, a way to select multiple documents to send to a printer in one job would be great when creating booklets based upon multiple documents in a quality system.

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This is incredibly important for one of my usage cases:

  • Employee enters data into fields in a PowerApp
  • Employee saves the data which is written to a SharePoint list
  • Upon creation of the new list item Power Automate grabs the data and writes it to an Excel table
  • After writing the data to the Excel table Power Automate creates a new Excel file and drops it in a SharePoint document library
  • Upon creation of this new document a Flow would then grab that new file and send it to a local printer automatically.

There are MILLIONS of places would would use this type of action!!

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While I appreciate the suggested workaround, it would be a huge benefit if this was something that was supported directly within Power Automate. Personally I'd prefer having the option to set up a dedicated computer and printer for my flow (printer connected to PC by USB-cable).

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They've added a print() function to powerapps.  Print function in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs


It currently only works in browsers.  

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@AndrewValenzuel Hmmm.. This has nothing to do with automation (Power Automate) though, does it? Isn't it simply a function that can be applied to a button or similiar in a Power Apps? 🤔