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Printing Action in Flow

It would add a tremendous value if an action is available in Microsoft Flow to send a document/file to a network or a cloud printer. 


Right now there is no, way to trigger this particular action from Flow.

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In addition to this suggestion, a way to select multiple documents to send to a printer in one job would be great when creating booklets based upon multiple documents in a quality system.

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This is incredibly important for one of my usage cases:

  • Employee enters data into fields in a PowerApp
  • Employee saves the data which is written to a SharePoint list
  • Upon creation of the new list item Power Automate grabs the data and writes it to an Excel table
  • After writing the data to the Excel table Power Automate creates a new Excel file and drops it in a SharePoint document library
  • Upon creation of this new document a Flow would then grab that new file and send it to a local printer automatically.

There are MILLIONS of places would would use this type of action!!

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While I appreciate the suggested workaround, it would be a huge benefit if this was something that was supported directly within Power Automate. Personally I'd prefer having the option to set up a dedicated computer and printer for my flow (printer connected to PC by USB-cable).

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They've added a print() function to powerapps.  Print function in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs


It currently only works in browsers.  

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@AndrewValenzuel Hmmm.. This has nothing to do with automation (Power Automate) though, does it? Isn't it simply a function that can be applied to a button or similiar in a Power Apps? 🤔 

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I achieved this by setting up an account at  From there you can install a client locally, and connect to the printer.  Then they give you an API you can call with an HTTP Post in Flow.  Then you pass over the Base64 encoded contents of the file, printer options, etc.. through their API.  Worked for us.