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Project Online Additional Fields

Add support for all fields to Project Online triggers & actions.


Create Project

Option to select enterprise project type

Enterprise Custom Fields



Add Task


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Status: New
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These are really important to the functionality of MS Project in Flow. The ability to create a project is not useful if I can't select the template.


Our projects have required enterprise fields. I need to populate the fields with data from Dynamcs CRM. Flow does not have access to enterprise fields so it is not possible.

Advocate I

I must agree in full with this first feature request, the current Create Project flow is only good for customer demos (specifically where there will be no follow up questions) and completly useless for any customer implementation I have ever seen.


As a minimum to use flow to create projects:

  1. Set EPT - Without this you can only use the default EPT, as a result you cannot use a MSP template. So this is not acceptable for just about anyone.
  2. Set Project custom fields - Any flow using this connector is going to be getting data from another system which will in all cases include metadata other than name / description / start date.
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There is any updates on this?? It will be really useful to replace SharePoint desginer for managin workflows within project online. There a way to use Custome Fields?

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We need a bidirectional connection with Project Online data

Regular Visitor

This is important to have as Project for the Web still doesn't have custom fields, and the Project Online connectors don't expose the Enterprise custom fields.