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Project Online Connector Ideas

I was a Project Server MVP for 15 years and a I was on the Microsoft Consulting Services Project Server Center of Excellence for 5 years. I mention this not to sound braggy but just to lay the ground work that I know what the customer base for this product needs. 🙂


This connector needs at a minimum



  1. Project is saved
  2. project field is updated
  3. project baseline is saved
  4. resource custom field is updated
  5. task custom field is updated
  6. timesheet is submitted
  7. Timesheet is approved
  8. status update is submitted.
  9. Status update is approved
  10. Resorce becomes over-allocated
  11. resource becomes under-allocated
  12. Resource is set to Inactive
  13. Project Checked out longer than X days
  14. Resource checked out longer than X days
  15. A calendar is edited
  16. A Server Setting is changed
  17. Queue job failed

All these should have hooks for what specific item was changed, the old value, the new value and who changed it.



  1. add\remove a user to\from certain Project Server security groups
  2. add\remove resources to\from certain projects
  3. assign or unassign resources from tasks
  4. Change the owner of a project
  5. accept\reject status updates
  6. accept\reject timesheets
  7. Edit Security group
  8. Edit Security category
  9. Force Checkin a project or resource
  10. Edit Project Custom fields
  11. Edit Resource Custom fields
  12. Edit Task custom fields
  13. Retry Failed Queue job
  14. Get Resource team for a project
  15. Get Projects for a Project Owner
  16. Get Projects for which a given user is on the resource team
  17. Get projects where custom field 'A' = X
  18. Get resources where a custom field B = Y
  19. Edit Calendars


Status: New
Advocate I

Very nice list!


To your list I would also add Project Submit as a trigger, so that it could be possible to create a workflow (with approvals/other relevant functionalites in Flow) without the use of Sharepoint Designer.

Kudo Kingpin

YES! Nice catch!


For triggers add:

Project Submit

Project Stage Change

Project Phase Change


For Actions Add:

Submit project


Regular Visitor

The ability to edit custom enterprise fields is prventing us from implementing flow at this time. 

Advocate I

As this item has lots of votes I'm going to add my comments here also. 🙂


While I'd love to see that whole list of options available, considering I've been asking / waiting for some of them since 2013 beta days (after the CSOM / JSOM release) and many still don't exist I'll add my significantly shorter "minimum required list" here:


As a minimum to use flow to create projects:

  1. Set EPT - Without this you can only use the default EPT, as a result you cannot use a MSP template. This is not acceptable for any customer I have worked with.
  2. Set Project custom fields - Any flow using this connector is going to be getting data from another system which will in all cases include metadata other than name / description / start date.




Kudo Collector

Need the ablity to create a sub-task, and the action must allow the input of the parent tasks ID or text value title if the parent task.

New Member

The EPT is absolutely crucial. I can't believe Flow programmers forgot about it. The "Create project" action is completely useless without the EPT selection. It is there on SharePoint list, how hard is it to add it to the flow action? Thanks...

Kudo Collector

Does EPT stands for "enterprsie project template)?

New Member

EPT = Enterprise Project Type. It drives the Project Template, Project Site Template and associated workflow at the project creation. Very important.


New Member

As an action, as listed by many contributors :

- Create a Project, by giving its Enterprise Project Type name

- Setting Custom fields for Projects (minimum), Resources, Tasks

- Submit / Commit

- Reading all the custom fields (in fact, expose the ProjectData endpoint (and not only ProjectServer endpoint)


Currently some of these actions are actionnable through AzureFunctions, or REST messages sent to the CSOM endpoint, but it's really a mess...

Thank you !

Kudo Collector

Need ability to "CRUD"  custom project columns otherwise how is this suppose to integrate into other system (financials, reports, etc...)