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Project Online Connector Ideas

I was a Project Server MVP for 15 years and a I was on the Microsoft Consulting Services Project Server Center of Excellence for 5 years. I mention this not to sound braggy but just to lay the ground work that I know what the customer base for this product needs. 🙂


This connector needs at a minimum



  1. Project is saved
  2. project field is updated
  3. project baseline is saved
  4. resource custom field is updated
  5. task custom field is updated
  6. timesheet is submitted
  7. Timesheet is approved
  8. status update is submitted.
  9. Status update is approved
  10. Resorce becomes over-allocated
  11. resource becomes under-allocated
  12. Resource is set to Inactive
  13. Project Checked out longer than X days
  14. Resource checked out longer than X days
  15. A calendar is edited
  16. A Server Setting is changed
  17. Queue job failed

All these should have hooks for what specific item was changed, the old value, the new value and who changed it.



  1. add\remove a user to\from certain Project Server security groups
  2. add\remove resources to\from certain projects
  3. assign or unassign resources from tasks
  4. Change the owner of a project
  5. accept\reject status updates
  6. accept\reject timesheets
  7. Edit Security group
  8. Edit Security category
  9. Force Checkin a project or resource
  10. Edit Project Custom fields
  11. Edit Resource Custom fields
  12. Edit Task custom fields
  13. Retry Failed Queue job
  14. Get Resource team for a project
  15. Get Projects for a Project Owner
  16. Get Projects for which a given user is on the resource team
  17. Get projects where custom field 'A' = X
  18. Get resources where a custom field B = Y
  19. Edit Calendars


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really don't understand why MS is not investing a little more effort in the Flow connectors for Project Online, it's mind boggling.  The ultra basic functionality is useless....  Actually, the Project Online APIs are very mature, then why not exposing them.  It's easier to integrate with competitors like Jira, etc... then it's own product...ARGH!!!


No response from product managers 😞   I can't manage projects with Dynamics 365 PSA either, since there is no task tracking.  I'm screwed with no options when it comes to Flow with project mgmt and Planner is way to basic.


A very frustrated Flow customer...

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I am also struggeling with the Project-Connector... Please MS do something there - Cant believe to use the SharePoint Designer 2013 to make Project Workflows

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Totally agree this is the minimum, but as the post is already 3 years old I guess it will never happen 😢


And with SharePoint 2010 Workflows being deprecated and the notification that SharePoint 2013 Workflow will follow, something needs to change.

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I saw the keynote of Project Management Reimagined yesterday and the Q&A. For some reason, Product Management seems to believe that integration with Teams is superimportant and is sacrificing any new investments in Project Online. Project Online will be phased out and they *hope* to make a transition to Project for the Web as painless as possible.

The result of this focus is that they will not invest any more in Project Online connector.

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Would like to see a trigger for a new/changed deliverable.  I have several custom columns on the Deliverables list in the project sites that require flow to set the values.