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Project Online Connector needs ability to update project details and tasks ASAP

I'm not entirely sure why we're not provided with full CRUD ability for MS's own Project Online for Projects, tasks, resources, etc... when we can do that with Jira, Trello, Planner, and the many other project.


Please finish the Flow integration with Project as soon as possible!! It's hurting our ability to consume Azure and benefiting from the full MS ecosystem :(.

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Yes MS Project Connector needs lot of improvements. But it seems no improement is done on MS Project connectors after it was added with only some basic features.


We need an important feture in MS Project connector. The Action: "Create is Task" is working fine. But i want to store the task ID of this newly created Task in a database. I am not able to get the Task ID of the newly created task in Flow.


So please improve the MS Project Connector as stated above.


Thank you

Kudo Collector

I'm a really upset about the fact that we cannot even create a subtask with Flow and Project.  This connector is so basic it's pathetic and unusable in a real life orchestration scenario. There is no trigger when a task is complete, etc...


Microsoft you are failing are you own product integration 😞  Yet, you support dozens of useless project mgmt small tools outhere, but you dont' fully support your own.. shaking my head in disbelief.


We just need more effort and time put on integrating MS Project Online and Flow.  


A year later and not even an acknowledgement or roadmap.  Not happy at the moment...

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2 years now, still no update trigger or action, pretty sad!