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Provide URI/URL functions which are compatible with sharepoint connectors (relative paths)

When working with sharepoint connectors one oftentimes needs partial URI/URL strings which are
not devided by the logic server/path but by the logic sharepoint-site/relative path.

The URI functions like URIpath and others provided in Flow  only work with the previous logic but
do not help at all with sharepoint sites and their relative paths.

Please provide additional functions wich are compatible with the paths one normally need when
dealing with sharepoint sites.


one example: CUT HERE /relativepath/tosomelibrary/file.txt

These two portions (especially the relativepath one) are needed very often and are difficult to obtain otherwise.

Status: New
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To add to my previous request:

sometimes the relative path needs to be relative to the site URL sometimes it needs to be relative to a document library. Both options would be helpful.