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Provide a method of organising Flows

Working with flows is very messy if you are working on a batch of flows that contribute to one task.  A system of being able to tag flows or put them in folders would allow you to work more seamlessly on specific flow groups.

Status: Completed

You can now organize your flows into solutions. Solutions are like tags or folders. They are like folders in that they can contain flows, plus they can contain other assets like PowerApps, CDS entities etc.... They are also like tags in that a single flow can be in more than one solution - so your not tied to one strict heirarchy. The new Solutions tab is available for any envirnomnet that has CDS enabled. Read more here:

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@Anonymous, I just tried to go out there, but the DNS name is not resolving:


 I assume this is just a reference to, correct?  


Will take a look.





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Wow @Anonymous


You nailed it with that tool.  Exactly what flow should be doing to better manage all that growing complexity... Great job!

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I had renamed my flows by adding prefixes for grouping purpose based on departments and Test/Live purpose, but Flow Studio is good  tool for grouping even by trigger type, kind and you can also add multiple tags to flows (




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Any updates on this? Would be highly appreciated.

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@Anonymous did you give the app FlowStudio a try? I recommend it to people for a variety of reasons and use-cases, one of the primary ones is organization of flows and sifting through flow runs/actions/outcomes.

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@jake yes I did take a look at it but I still have to get this through our IT department. unfortunately, there's processes and compliance involved. 😉 It does seem interesting and pretty much exactly what I could wish for...So I hope MS can add these functionalities to the "vanilla" flow environment.

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@AnonymousI just want to let you know yes - that's the original URL and it will work, but also the url now also works.


I did a bunch of research into why the new URL completely fails to resolve for some people, and find out a lot about how DNS and .app (which is owned by Google) works.  If you are interested in the story it's here 


Anyway, both URL should work now.

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@jake My corp firewall stops me cold on reaching you unfortunately. 


More to point though; providing some kind of organization should really be provided by MS. If you've built any more than 20 or 30 flows things can get a little dicey. Can't even sort alphabetically - so even a good naming convention isn't going to help.


From the posts on this comment it looks as though this has been going on for 2 years now ... not promising at all.

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Here is the naming convention I have adopted to help me keep everything straight until they provide better managment tools that we have requested. 

0000 - [GROUP] - Title

0020 - [Exec] - Survey Reminder 

0007 - [Sales Ops] - Approval Request

0031 - [Import] - Daily Summary 

Then at the bottom of the emails that are generated from these flows I always include some language that references the flow so that when someone forwards something to me requesting a change or with a question I can quickly find it based on the number:

This message was sent by an automatic workflow triggered by the referenced item(s) above. This (internal) account is not monitored for replies.
Flow Reference ID# 0006 

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That is an excellent naming convention! I assume that the flows are not organized by numbers, right?


But the addendum at the end of the email with a reference to which flow was used is excellent!