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Provide a method of organising Flows

Working with flows is very messy if you are working on a batch of flows that contribute to one task.  A system of being able to tag flows or put them in folders would allow you to work more seamlessly on specific flow groups.

Status: Completed

You can now organize your flows into solutions. Solutions are like tags or folders. They are like folders in that they can contain flows, plus they can contain other assets like PowerApps, CDS entities etc.... They are also like tags in that a single flow can be in more than one solution - so your not tied to one strict heirarchy. The new Solutions tab is available for any envirnomnet that has CDS enabled. Read more here:

Level: Powered On

As I create more Flows, it would be great to have a way to group related flows together in the My flows and Team flows.  Perhaps an owner may want to groups Flows by site or library, or process, or in progress, or in production, etc.  This could be as simple a text attribute on the Flow definition like Name or Description.  Or, a series of tags the user can then use to filter to the flows they'd like to see.

Level: Power Up

Sure, it would be great to have a way to group related flows together in the My flows and Team flows!


Level: Powered On

my flows are becoming unmanageable with no folder structure option

Level: Powered On

This is a much needed feature as the amount of scenarios in which the Flow can be used grow,  administering a huge list of Flows is getting difficult, a folder structure or grouping might will be a great thing! 

Level: Power Up

I agree. Having a folder structure would be very helpful.