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Provide a method of organising Flows

Working with flows is very messy if you are working on a batch of flows that contribute to one task.  A system of being able to tag flows or put them in folders would allow you to work more seamlessly on specific flow groups.

Status: Completed

You can now organize your flows into solutions. Solutions are like tags or folders. They are like folders in that they can contain flows, plus they can contain other assets like PowerApps, CDS entities etc.... They are also like tags in that a single flow can be in more than one solution - so your not tied to one strict heirarchy. The new Solutions tab is available for any envirnomnet that has CDS enabled. Read more here:

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Complete? This is not even close to being complete. Managing flows remains a nightmare.  A simple tagging/folder with filter menu would easily solve this with minimum effort. It doesn't look like MS has made any effort to make managing flows practical.

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I strongly agree.  People who have built hundreds of workflows accross multiple tenants definitly struggle to maintain order.  We absolutely need a solution ASAP.


Simple tags or folders with ability to filter or search would be valuable.  Having a search features that is indexing the name, the description, and the activities inside the flow (keywords inside an email for example)  would be extremely useful as well.

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Very strongly agree that this is not a completed request. It's a step in the right direction, but not being able to import existing Flows into a solution, or otherwise make them solution-aware, makes this a useless feature for those that have been using Flow for awhile. We have a business process that uses a 10-15 different flows, at least 1 of which is approaching the 250-step limit. While we're working to streamline the process, there is no. way. I'm spending the time to recreate those Flows in a solution, even though having them grouped would be wonderful.


@Stephen , if MS could even implement flow name sorting, one of the most basic features, then we could at least prefix the Flows, but there is no way to sort by name or anything. Being able to tag flows and filter on those tags, or being able to sort by name would be incredibly helpful, regardless of whether or not MS will come up with grouping solutions for those that don't have access to CDS or already have a significant library of Flows that they can't/won't recreate - which is absolutely something they should do as well.

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Trying to help here.

Being able to move personal Flows to Solutions I hope is something that the Flow team will implement.


Features like sort or filter wouldn't be something that they would be able to build easily due to the paging nature of the API.  This is an honest, external feedback from understanding the APIs - it's tricky and won't be something they can tackle when ranked against other big road map items, e.g. move personal Flows into Solutions is what I'd consider a big strategic feature.


In the meantime, I build to provide some immediate relief for Flow makers dealing with a lot of existing personal (or team) Flows. 

I have kept sort, filter and #hashtag grouping as free features that requires no subscription because of this thread.


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if you agree this is not completed, I reopened this idea on a new link.
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@Anonymous, I wasn't aware that API paging would be an issue for sorting Flows by name on the admin page; I looked into Flow Studio awhile ago but never really had the time to properly check it out. I'll revisit it, thanks for the tips.

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Anyone else have concerns giving access to your account to a third party? Flow Studio does look cool, but has anyone audited what they do once they are given access to your account? I have an admin account for our O365 tenant. 

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Hey @grovercorner2 

Updated I put the answers into an FAQ page 


As for best Flow security setup - I would create Flow environment admins and have them own P2 license and create environments for production Flows to live in.  A Flow environment admin shouldn't be a tenant administrator - so Flow Studio will borrow that environment admin's P2 license to scan all the environments.


That'd be how I do this.



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@grovercorner2 we have used FlowStudio on this tenant for over a year without issues and zero red flags

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I'm confused as to why this is marked as completed. I can't use this new Solutions "solution" on any of my flows involving SharePoint, and it appears this was intended behavior.


When I went to add an existing flow to a Solution, I couldn't find basically any of my Flows and then found a link that says "Some flows are currently not available to add to solutions. Learn more" with "learn more" being a clickable link.


The link goes here:


One of the items on that page is this: "Flows that connect to SharePoint are not available in solutions."


So, this does me no good at all. It's like all I wanted was a pocket knife and I got handed a 21-tool Leatherman multitool that doesn't do what I need.