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Provide a real method of organizing Flows

Currently, we cannot sort nor organize flows in any way I could find. It makes flows very difficult to manage.
Thank you.

The idea of having a way of organizing flows has already been submitted and closed as "completed" (read link:

Unfortunately, the solution provided does not seem to answer the community needs, therefore I am reopening it again.
Tagging here users who commented recently on the first link, please vote: 
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Totally agree, the "Solution" solution is anything but fullfilling user needs.

Give the possibility to add columns to the Flow overview incl. views with grouping like in SharePoint

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Very frustrating they believe this is "completed"... we have so so many flows that need some sort of grouping method!


please hurry up ms.... 

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I recently discovered the "Solutions" functionality and got pretty excited about it only to discover, like others here, that it literally doesn't work with Flows that have SharePoint connectors in them. I know that Flow isn't JUST for SharePoint, but I'm willing to bet a huge constituency of Flow users use it with SharePoint and would appreicate a way to organize their flows (myself included in that). Even something as simple as a tagging system would be better than literally nothing. About the best I can do right now is make sure I use consistent naming for flows that deal with the same thing, then use the search box at the top to limit the list of flows to things that match my search terms, but that's hardly a way of "organizing" Flows.

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I circle back on this thread from time to time.


In the meantime, I build to provide some immediate relief for Flow makers dealing with a lot of existing personal (or team) Flows.  Flow Studio takes the path of reading everything up front, then sorts a grid for us.  Flow Studio is used by 2200 users.

I have kept sort, filter and #hashtag grouping as free features that requires no subscription because of these thread.


Flow Studio's subscription tier is advanced tools for monitoring, run-as admin and Flow migration.

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Not having SharePoint connected flows in Solutions is a huge bummer for organizing flows. Wish Microsoft hadn't closed the old idea and forcing for new idea to be started fresh.


Please implement this, we need some way to organize a huge list of flows.