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Provide a simple A-Z/Z-A sort capability for My Flows by name, with optional name filtering similar to SharePoint

Since we have no ability to group My Flows results into useful folders, please can you provide a simple A-Z/Z-A sort capability on the flow name in the My Flows> results lists?  Even better if you can make the My FLows> results list filterable in the same way that SharePoint content can be filtered by name?


Please, pretty please??? can we have this USEFUL organisation capability ASAP?????

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This would be great as the search on flow is limited to just the first page of results and with having a few hundred flows to finding flows takes a while when you have to load page by page to eventually get to the flow you want to check/edit.

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We need this functionality for ALL Flow types, not just My Flows.

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I would be interested to hear if orgs have discovered the COE? It includes a few useful tools, powerbi reports, canvas and model driven apps for viewing your estate of PowerApps and flows. See who your community devs are, where the premium connectors are being used and change you flow/app owners. 

It can be installed in Dataverse or Teams Dataverse and could be the extension of the existing functionality folk are looking for.  Anyone tried it in a live environment?