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Provide access to a list item’s version number in trigger

This is in relation to Flows that are triggered by updates to SharePoint List items.

Can the version number that triggered the Flow be included in the properties available on the trigger? I have been querying the version history to look at the 2 most recent versions, however there are times that another update occurs before the query executes, which means I amn't comparing the correct versions.

If the trigger details included the version number, then I could use this in my query to compare the versions that I need.
Status: New
Advocate I

Would still love this. I am using an unreliable work around, where I query the item's version history, filtered on the modified datestamp of the trigger. It works most of the time, but I'm coming across situations where the version 1 timestamp is later than version 2 by a few milliseconds!


So now I'm adding 1 second to the trigger timestamp and hoping that no other version has been created. It would be much nicer to get the version number from the trigger and filter on that.