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Provide option to check every stage in Flow Separately

Error Detection at every stageError Detection at every stage



1. For every stage in flow we should have a separate "check for Errors" option

2. Benefits:

                 a. check and move forward appraoch will ensure 99% correct appraoch.

                 b. error will be detected at correct stage, user do not have to scan from top to bottom the entire flow.

                 c. Time Saving and user friendly.

3. Reason:

          a. in image shown above i am not able to make out the stage where the error is occuring.

          b. As a user it is frustating.

4. Solution:

           a. Provide a option as shown in image to check every stage for error "Check Stage for Error"


Hope for a Response.



Chandrashekhar Kumawat

Emerson, Pune, India. 

Status: New
Regular Visitor

This would work well in a Test mode, where you can repeat Step X onwards with the parameters at the stage the flow was at.

Advocate II

agree. When an error is encountered, we can only submit the entire flow which in my case, reaches out once more to 1st level approvers. Much better if I can kick it off from after the error. Thanks!