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Public Folder Support

Please include support for Public Folder actions on Contact and Calendar folders

Status: New
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We are trying to migrate a simple Sharepoint Calendar workflow to public folder Calendars in Office 365.  This support would allow the functionality we are missing.

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I agree this is an important capability.


Here is the business case:

We want to setup a company wide calendar to share company approved travel with all employees. Our intention was to use an MS Form to request the approval  then use Flow to route the request for two levels of approval, and if approved, add the event to the company Travel public calendar. 


Phase 2 would be to trigger the approval process off of adding a new "unapproved" calendar to the company Travel public calendar. For this we would need to know the email of the employee that created the event on the public calendar.


We would also do this with vacation & sick time requests and a company Out of Office calendar. 


Sadly, it looks like we would have to use a google calendar to get this done with the current feature set. 

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Please implement this! We need our team to have their calendar automatically updated by flows. 

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We could use this feature to automatically create an event in a public folder calendar.

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Please implement it!