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Push Notification

I would like to be able to send a push notification to another user besides myself when setting up a flow.

Status: New
Helper I

Absolutely in favour of this idea. The push notifications are much easier to configure then sending a HTML mail. We're configuring a flow that triggers a push notification whenever someone brings a negative Yammer post (using the Text Analytics cognitive services). Currently push notifications are only sent to the creator of the flow. It would interesting to send the same notificiation to a whole team (f.i. the team with home you're sharing the flow).

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This is an idea that I think have merit.

I was hoping to set up a flow that sendt an notification to the creator of an item in a sharepoint list when said item is updated.


An notification is a nice and unintrusive headsup, while today it would have to be a mail that clutters "oh so many inboxes" 😉


By the way - I do like the the way things are going. Flow, PowerApp + BI. Oh so many posibilities 🙂